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show it!

Today I found this... This words came deep into my heart. I strongly believe in this

Well then what is the best answer ---- hmmm in my opinion to fall in love it is not necessary to meet each other, it is not necessary to look all like a Hollywood bollywood actor, but yes it is necessary to talk a lot blah blah cackle, cackles, chattering, relevant irrelevant stuff, about life, our beliefs, families, thoughts, politics and and and topics are never few, the list is endless on which we can go on talking till time infinity. And then we do not realize when we start communicating just for the sake of communicating as we are now finding the person irresistible. Then we start feeling that we cannot do without this person, his/her ideas values become worth praising every now and then in our hearts, we feel this person is the one who understands me the most…….and and well I do not have words yeah this is how it happens you just feel it you cannot define it in words. Love grows each day and with each passing day it makes its root more firm deep beneath the ground. It is spontaneous unspoken understanding. You do not feel insecure and you can always play the video of the moments which you love revoking most in your thoughts. Love fulfills the need of the best friend Love grooms you and makes you more beautiful with each passing day… Love makes you a better person then you were before ….before what …before every passing moment….