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show it!


Today it's time to say 'Congratulations!". I got my f@cking driver's license!!! Oh my got, I can't believe it! After 5 travel to DMV I finally got it!!! 

The first time I didn't bring a letter from my school

The second time They didn't accept my proof of residence

The third time I failed on the knowledge test because I didn't know they would ask for statistics of accidents and drunk driving.

The fourth time I passed knowledge test but I didn't want to take road test right away. So one "nice" lady from that organization told me that either I had to take road right away or they would issue me a learner's permit (!!!) and I have to wait for one month. I don't understand... In the driver's manual it's said that if person holds drivers license from home country he/she doesn't have to wait for 30 days to take a road test... But that miss smart @ss probably interpreted it her own way. So, here we go, I had to wait!!!

The firth  time was today and..... I GOT IT!!!!

I am f@cking happy!!!!!  


Thanks! Don't worry, you'll pass it! It's not that difficult!
Thank you!