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show it!

One crazy day!

This was a crazy day! 
I woke up in the morning and realized that the car which I rented yesterday for taking my driving test was towed away! It's all because I didn't obtain a sticker from our apartment management. 
Dinosaur's dad had a surgery on his eye this morning and therefore we were not able to go and pick up the car. We went there only at 3 pm. The most amazing thing is that we had to pay freaking $125 to get it back! They ripped us off! I am mad. I would rather buy a new pair of shoes! Dinosaur got angry with me (which I understand cause he has a lot of crap going on right now) and he roared that if I am not able to pass the test tomorrow he is not going to rent anything anymore!!! Gosh! That's crazy!
And on the top of it I have a huge homework to do. I love homeworks but not for organizational behavior and HR management! It takes so much time beause I have to produce 7(!) pages of my own ideas and generally it's just blah-blah-blah about nothing! I hate such a wastless subjects! 


Hahaha, I would be happy if they let me do that! NOPE! I am graduate school student, I MUST write!!! ))))
You are lucky dog!!!
I have to do this crap every single week. Because it's "organizational behavior" and it's really about nothing!!! ;(((
Oh, ya. That stinks a lot, believe me!!! )))